Terminator Salvation

terminator-salvation-posterTerminator fans your time has come! Last week saw the release of Terminator Salvation, the forth installment of the Terminator saga. I know right, crazy exciting. If you are anything like me, Terminator was definitely a movie staple growing up. I am pretty sure the first pair of boobs I ever saw were Linda Hamilton’s from the first Terminator. I then became a fan of Guns and Roses because of “You could be mine” in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. (I am not addressing the third Terminator movie on purpose, let’s pretend it didn’t happen). Going in with an extremely critical mind, I came out of the theater impressed and happy to finally have another good Terminator movie to add to my collection. Terminator Salvation takes place in the future where John Connor (Played by Christian Bale; Keep your robotic pants on ladies) is leading the resistance against Skynet. But the future is not exactly how his mother, Sarah Connor, predicted. Skynet has developed a new Terminator that believes it is actually human. John Connor must fight the clock to save his teenage father, Kyle Reese, and battle his inner knowledge of how the future is supposed to turn out.

Quick Back Story GO!

Kyle Reese was sent back in time by the resistance to protect Sarah Connor from a terminator who was sent back in time to kill her. Sarah Connor is the mother of John Connor who will grow up and lay the smack down on the machines. Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor get it on after making pipes bombs (I know, that turns me on too) and Kyle knocks her up. He was sent back in time by John Connor but is actually John’s father..MIND TRIP. Ok deep breath…..and moving on.


If you are a fan of Terminator you will not be disappointed. Director McG had the arduous task of portraying life after judgment day. In the previous Terminators the audience got a sneak peek into how life would be battling for the existence of humanity. He did an excellent job of providing a back story that supports the previous movies very well. The plot line all and all was very predictable, but entertaining enough that it did not take away from the overall goal. Also the look of the movie was perfect for the emotion it was trying to convery. The entire movie had a gritty hue that almost seemed like there was a constant ash falling. The earth has been nearly destroyed by the machines, and there is no better way to portray this then by sucking the color and feeling out of everything.

With a sci-fi movie, there is always a risk of cheaply made CG effects. So many movies have suffered due to fake, cheesy looking FX. Thank you Terminator Salvation for not ruining this movie with big cartoonish robots. CG is used strategically, only when absolutely needed. There is a scene in the beginning of the movie that has a continuous shot of John Connor flying and crashing a helicopter. The camera follows him up, and then spinning down, against a background of a beautiful grey, torn landscape. This shot obviously used green screen, but it was done to perfection. It looks like you are there fighting along side Connor. The only thing I thought was unnecessary was a sudo cameo by Arnold. I do not want to say any more, no need to ruin the surprise. Also the Terminators seemed to be mostly animatronics which made them much more realistic. Again CG is only used on the robots when it is absolutely necessary.

For the fans of the previous Terminator films, T4 adds some nostalgia. We now know that John Connor loves to ride a motorcycle to the music of Gun and Roses, and that Kyle Reese will always say, “Come with me if you want to live”. These little things are found throughout the movie, reminding us of who the characters are, and where they have been. Terminator Salvation also sees the introduction of Marcus Wright played by Sam Worthington. Wright is an ex-con who donated his body to science and wakes up in 2018 as a Cyborg. Wright’s character adds an interesting dynamic to the movie. Wright, who is half man, half machine, thinks he is actually human. He is a lot like Frankenstein’s monster, in that he is continuously fighting against his inner identity. There is great symbolism in this character, showing that humanity will always prevail. John Connor is obviously a Jesus figure. I do not think both of their initials are “JC” by accident. He is the savior of all mankind, so it is easy to see why they would make him into a prophet figure. They could have expanded on Connor’s role a little bit more, but I think it is something they will save for the next two movies. Also it is funny to see that Christian Bale has fallen into the “Hard Whisper” category of actors. There were plenty of times in the movie that John Connor can be mistaken for the Dark Knight with his breathy pleas. We get it, the whisper makes you seem more bad ass. What happened to the good days of yelling to show distress?


If you like the Terminator Saga go see this movie. Shoot, if you don’t, go see this movie. Terminator Salvation has everything fans of the old movies want, and new exciting action that will keep new comers entertained. I will now hang on to a chain as I am slowly lowered into hot metal….Cue my Guns and Roses!


4 Responses to “Terminator Salvation”

  1. 1 greg smith
    May 27, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    wow. did we see the same movie? i totally agree that the CGI was excellent and not too exaggerated. but the plot was amazingly incomprehensible. first off, how did wright end up 10 years in the future? if he was to aid skynet in killing either kyle reese or john conner – why didn’t he just do it when he had the chance? instead of leading conner into the skynet city? and how is it that wright – supposedly designed and built in the past, was far more advanced than any terminator unit from the year 2018? why was kyle reese only 16 years old?

    there were nice touches, like “i’ll be back” and other phrases from the original movies. but they were not assigned to the right characters. the use of ARNOLD’s image was entertaining for the fan boys. but really, the thing jumped out from nowhere.

    this was a fun romp in the year 2018. full of visual eye candy and occasionally enjoyable flashes of the original. but from a story / plot perspective, this movie was incomprehensible.

    • 2 fireflyfilm
      May 27, 2009 at 11:53 pm

      oh Greg how you think logically about a sci-fi movie. Wright died BUT his body was used and transformed into a machine. The machines obviously preserved his body and mind. He did not know he was leading Connor to skynet, that was the whole reason they made him think he was actually human. He could infiltrate because he did not actually have to act. Wright was more advanced because he was new, a new twist that Sarah Connor could have never predicted. Kyle Reese is 16 because its before he was actually sent back to save Sarah Connor.

      I agree the weird arnold appearance wasn’t totally unnecessary but I enjoyed it.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. 3 Backyard Pete
    June 15, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    I thought Terminator Salvation was possible the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I laughed it was so stupid. Least it was better than 3, but only in the same way that getting jail rapped once is better that being jail rapped twice.

    • 4 fireflyfilm
      June 15, 2009 at 4:49 pm

      Yes, it was not as good as the first two. You can never get better than the originals. But for what it was, I thought it achieved its goal. These remakes, and sequels have so much pressure to be amazing that the expectations for them are impossibly high.

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