If it was not already obvious that Paramount Pictures was planning to make an Avengers movie, it is now! If you were patient enough to wait through the credits of Iron Man you might have seen this:

That’s right, the introduction of Nick Furry (Samuel L. Jackson), the leader of Shield. Also the Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton had a nice cameo appearance from Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. These appearances teased us with the idea of an Avengers movie. If you are not a comic book nerd The Avengers is  a super hero team consisting of Ant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Thor (These are the main heroes, plenty of other Marvel characters make appearance). We have seen Iron man with Robert Downy Jr, and the Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton, but what about the others? Well my friends Paramount Pictures is rumored to be producing Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America in 2011.


Thor seems to be the first film up to bat, starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor. This film will be different from the normal Marvel production, as it expands its settings to Asgard. Thor is cast away from Asgard to Earth, where he must learn what it really means to be a Hero. This alone is a pretty exciting announcement. We have seen enough of Spider-Man and the X-Men. Its time to jump deeper into the Marvel archives. Samuel L Jackson is also rumored to co-star, which can only mean that he will play Nick Furry; putting us one step closer to seeing the Avenger Team assembled.


Next up is The First Avenger: Captain America.  The title alone is a bit confusing, considering Captain America did not actually join the Avengers until the 4th issue. But none of this is finalized so it can always change. Captain America revolves around Steve Rodgers, a man who volunteers himself for the “Super Solider” experiment. We can all guess what happens next, that’s right, he turns into Captain America. Yeah, the guy with the shield. No one has been slated as playing Captain America yet, but once again Samuel L is rumored to be co-starring. It will be cool to see a New Captain America considering the originals were very low budget.


It will be very exciting to see how all these movies tie into each other for a kick-ass Avengers flick.



alien_from_the_movieOk, I know so far that the three movies I have informed the unknowing about have been remakes. One, these are the only movies being released so its not my fault; and two, this just had to be discussed.

There is a rumor flying around about an Alien remake, reboot, re-imagining, re-STOP IT ALREADY! Has the human race honestly run out of creative ideas. Most times I will defend a remake. A lot of times a good remake can bring the original to a new audience, and because of that I can get behind them. But this rumor makes me lose faith in movies. Its getting close to the point where its not worth spending 10 bucks on shitty remakes.

20th Century Fox is rumored to be at the head of this epic failure. Thats right ladies and gentlement, 20th Century Fox. The same guys who brought us such great films as The Day the Earth Stood Still (yeah, the remake), and Aliens VS. Preditor. They obviously no longer care about putting out a good product. The only thing that might possibly make this horrible situation better is that Ridley Scott (director of the original) could be attaching his name to the remake. Attaching his name doesn’t nessasrly mean he will actually have anything to do with the movie by the way.

As of right now this is only a rumor floating around online;  so lets pray to the movie gods that it stays that way. The movie could might also be an origin, or prequel story which might make it worth seeing. Again, lets keep our fingers crossed.

After the remake of Predator and Alien can we please have a remake of Alien vs Predator? Ok I am sorry, that was a horrible joke.



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