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Quantum of Solace

james_bond_quantum_of_solace_posterQuantum of Solace sees the second installment of the “newly renovated” 007 series. Following Casino Royale, Daniel Craig is back as the legendary British special agent James Bond. After the death of Vesper, Bond’s main squeeze from Casino Royale, Bond is out for vengeance. In an attempt to uncover the identity of a secret organization, Bond stumbles across an “evil hippie”. Well actually he is just an environmental developer by the name of Dominic Greene. But Greene is not exactly enviro-friendly as he seeks to deplete natural resources from third world countries in exchange for money and power. Cue Bond music and slow motion bullet opening! Accompanied by, a sexy ex-bolivian secret agent hell bent on revenge, Bond most stop Greene before he takes majority control of the world’s resources.

I know what your thinking, “Can’t go wrong with a Bond movie”. You would be right for the most part. Quantum of Solace is an entertaining movie, but it falls short of greatness in many way. The plot line in general is very weak and confusing. The film jumps all over the world in what seems like a desperate attempt to tie loose strings from Casino Royale. Because of this, the character development suffers. We all know the story of Bond and “M” because they have been in countless movies, but what makes a veteran movie series survive are its fresh faces. Camille, played by the very attractive Olga Kurylenko, is highly overlooked in this movie. The presents of her character really had the chance to add an amazing dynamic to this film. The loss that Camille feels over the death of her family should have been used more effectively to connect her to Bond. Instead it was used for an action scene set-up later in the movie. Do not get my wrong I love a good action scene as much as the next guy, but so much more could have been done with her character. Of course Daniel Craig nails James Bond again. In my opinion I would have to put Craig over Pierce Brosnan. Craig adds a layer of bad ass-ness which I think was over shadowed in past Bond characters by an attempt to be overly suave. I prefer the gritty, kick-your-mom-in-the-teeth, Bond.


Quantum of Solace was directed by Marc Forster, who has been behind some pretty remarkable films such as Monster’s Ball and The Kite Runner. His imagining of the film I thought was pretty good, but he honestly should never work with the same Director of Photography again! They might as well have put the camera on a fault line and waited for the rector scale to have a rave. The action sequences were choppy and hard to follow. It did not leave enough time for the eye to catch up to what was actually happening. I understand that action movies these days are shot like this, aka the Bourne series, but its cuts were so fast that you do not get a chance to enjoy the sequences. People enjoy seeing the action not following behind it hoping to catch a glimpse.

All and all I think Quantum of Solace will be very disappointing to fans of the Bond series. It does not have the same secret agent feel and tends to focus more on its hyper active action sequences. It is still a pretty entertaining movie, but drops the ball in a lot of areas that could have made it a great flick.