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Clash of the Titans (2010)

This weekend saw the much anticipate Clash of the Titans release. A re-imaging of the 1981 classic, Clash of the Titans promised intense 3D action and captivating adventure. It was also the first hyped up blockbuster for French director Louis Leterrier. The film was able to provide captivating action sequences, packed with creative mythological creature design and vivid battles, but fell short in 3D adventure. The story holds very little semblance to the original film so it may disappoint those who are cult followers. That thought aside, as a stand alone story it seemed rushed and sloppy. Clash of the Titans was a fun movie for the action, but lacks a congruent plot and the 3D glamour of its peers.

The 1981 original followed Perseus, son of Zeus, as he battled his way through mythical creatures to save his love Princess Andromeda. This is not that movie, not even close. The 2010 “re-imagining”, was more like a redo. We still follow the actions of Perseus (Sam Worthington), but this time around he is seeking revenge in a world where man has rebelled against the gods. Hades (Ralph Fiennes), god of the underworld, escapes to teach man a lesson for their disobedience. In the cross fire Perseus and his family are capsized, Perseus is the only survivor. Because of man’s rebellion Zeus (Liam Neeson) permits Hades to do whatever is necessary to control the resistance and keep man inline. This includes releasing his infamous Kraken to destroy the city of Argos. With revenge in his heart Perseus leads the soldiers of Argos on a journey to find out how the Kraken can be killed, in turn, saving Argos and giving Perseus his shot at Hades.

On the surface this movie looks incredible. It has all the right ingredients for an amazing flick. Amazing actors, decent director, and great action, but it fails to meet expectations. Its major fault lies in its story line. There is always a thin line to walk when doing a remake. You want to keep enough of the original story to please fans, but also create a different experience to give the audience something to look forward to. In doing this, it is easy to lose track of a coherent story line. Clash of the Titans seemed rushed to get to the major action sequences by quickly dropping character names from the original, but never really developing strong bonds between them. The mechanical owl, and Pegasus, only make minor appearances. Pegasus is really only in the movie to poorly bring the movie to its resolution. They decided to throw in a random character by the name of Lo to be the love interest of Perseus. This pushes out the classic love story of Perseus and Andromeda, and just adds another character with no purpose, or use in the story. The character list is cluttered and proves to be detrimental to the plot. Even still, the parts are well acted. You can never go wrong with Liam Neeson. And Sam Worthington continues to prove himself as a big name actor. It is obvious they put most of their time and money into the action because it proved to be the only entertaining part of the film.

Director Louis Leterrier has a few action adventures under his belt including Transporter 2 and The Incredible Hulk; so it is no surprise that his next film would be a kick ass, in your face adventure. Clash of the Titans has amazing action and battle scenes. Perseus fights everything from giant scorpions to some burnt up beast thing. The fight scenes from the original, including Medusa and the Kraken, are newly renovated with cutting edge CGI. This adds a level of entertainment to the remake that the original was just unable to provide. Which in hind sight maybe that was a good thing because they had to focus more on the story (am I complaining too much yet?).  If you are going to see this movie anytime soon do not waste your money on the 3D. Even though the action was exciting and fun, a lot of the cinematography was lost in the poor 3D production. It did not provide a lot of the same amazing visuals as other films recently released in 3D. The movie does not seem very 3D at all. I found myself wondering if my glasses were not working. Nothing really jumps off the screen. It only adds minor depth to the movie if anything.

Clash of the Titans was ok at best. It has amazing actors and some exhilarating action sequences, but it is hollow and may leave a lot of fans of the original disappointed. Do not expect some deep meaningful story about mythology because this movie just does not have that. But if you enjoy action then you may be able to over look the plot holes. Do yourself a favor though and watch it in 2D, the 3D just is not worth the extra money on this one.